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Application Management

When you select an application from the Apps list, it opens a dedicated panel where you can perform various actions:

View Environment Status

You have two options to check the status of every environment:

  • In the Overview, you can see the status of each environment represented by an icon:


  • Alternatively, you can click on the left-side tabs to manage your apps individually for each environment:


Stop or restart Qodly Server

Useful for resetting server memory.


Open Qodly Studio

You can directly access your application in Qodly Studio in two ways:

  • By clicking the Studio button on the Overview page


  • Or, by clicking the "Studio URL" in the General tab for the current environment.


Monitor Resources

Access the Metrics tab of an environment to monitor its resources.


Update Qodly Server

Click the cloud icon to update your Qodly Server with the latest provided by the Qodly Platform.


Invite Developers and Users

In the Team tab, view the list of registered developers and users. Invite users by clicking the Add user button and providing their details, including "First Name", "Last Name", "Email Address", and "Profile" (a role defined in Qodly Studio).


Schedule and Restore Backups


Preview Your App

Click the Preview URL in the Application Access area to open your application's home page.


Add Custom Domain

Per app, you can add a domain for validation (details provided by QCMC).


Access Files via SFTP

For every environment, access your files on the server using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) by clicking the Access files button.


With your preferred FTP client (e.g., Filezilla), you can access and manage your files.