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Qodly Applications

The Qodly Cloud Management Console (QCMC) is the portal from which you can manage all your Qodly applications.

Application Overview

After logging in to your Qodly account, the QCMC presents an organized display of your Qodly applications on a single page.

Your Qodly applications fall into three categories:

  • Sandbox: This serves as a trial application where you can freely explore Qodly's features and experiment. Please note that the Sandbox is accessible only in the development environment.
  • Applications: This section lists all applications you've created, excluding the Sandbox.
  • Shared Applications: Here, you'll find applications developed by other collaborators and shared with you through invitations.

Environments and services

For each application, the Qodly Server is deployed across three distinct instances, referred to as environments:

  • Development: This environment is ideal for developers to create, design, and enhance their Qodly applications.
  • Staging: In this environment, developers, product managers, or quality teams can thoroughly test application features in a configuration that closely simulates the production environment.
  • Production: The production environment is where users can access and utilize your finalized application.

Each environment offers a unique set of services:

Access to Qodly StudioX
Invite developersX
Invite usersXX
Data Backup and RestoreX

Cloning Applications

Rather than starting from scratch, you have the option to clone any existing application and kickstart a new project based on the same codebase.

To initiate application cloning, locate the desired application in the Apps list and click the Clone button:


The cloning process duplicates all your code, except data and resources.