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1.0.0 - beta.4


Qodly Server

What's New

  • Support of shared classes, allowing for the instantiation of shared objects with simplified concurrency management. It introduces the new .isShared property, which confirms if a class is shared, enhancing traceability.

  • Support of Singleton classes to ensure only a single instance of a class is created. Users can define singletons that are unique per process or across all processes. It introduces two properties: isSingleton, which confirms if a class is a singleton, and me, which accesses or instantiates the singleton instance of the class.

  • Support of restrictive filtering for entity selections in ORDA, allowing developers to define dynamic access controls on entities based on business rules, such as user session context, enhancing data security and application integrity.

  • New openDatastore command, which enables connecting to and use a remote Qodly datastore or a remote 4D Server datastore by specifying connection details and handling through a local identifier.


  • Support of the try...catch...end structure, allowing for more robust and customizable error handling in code blocks.

  • Introduced a streamlined syntax for property initialization within class declarations, allowing developers to define properties with both type and initial value on the same line.

  • Image Component: Drag and Drop functionality enables you to transfer an image directly from a shared folder to the default image source.

Bug Fixes

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  • Fixed an issue where Qodly Server did not handle warning messages properly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented images from being displayed after saving an entity.
  • Fixed an issue where aborting a method using the debugger incorrectly reported a network error as the reason for termination.

Qodly Cloud

What's New

  • New API key management designed to enhance external access control to its applications. It simplifies the creation, management, and oversight of API keys, enabling better security and efficiency for developers working with Qodly platforms.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we implement these enhancements!