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The Settings panel allows you to customize the Qodly Studio interface for the current user and the current application.

To open the Settings panel, click on the Settings button from the Explorer or the toolbar:


The following pages are available:

  • User: settings related to the user interface
  • Application: settings related to the web application


This page contains settings related to the Qodly Studio user interface.

Show Renderer Pop Over

Displays or not a pop over when the renderer and Qodly Studio use different URL schemes.

Tooltip Behavior

Defines how to display the component tooltip tooltip when the mouse hovers a component area.

  • Show after timeout: The tooltip is displayed after a the defined timeout (and kept onscreen until the user moves the mouse).
  • Hide after timeout: The tooltip is immediately displayed and hidden after a the defined timeout.

Tooltip timeout (in seconds)

Timeout for selected tooltip behavior.

Enable Helper Tips

Shows or hides the tips icons helper in the webform editor.

Activate Welcome Tour

Enables or disables the display of the Welcome tour dialogs boxes that introduce you to the main features of the Qodly Studio.


Start Page

Allows to select a webform to use as the start page of your application.

The start page webform is automatically rendered when:

  • you click on the Preview button in the webform editor - the webform is rendered in a new tab.
  • you click on the Preview URL area in the Qodly Cloud dashboard of your application.

Default Display Mode

Allows to select the default mode for displaying multiple components in your webforms:

  • Neutral (default): no specific margins are applied to components
  • Airy: automatically incorporate default margins between components, for a better design.

The display mode can also be selected at the webform level.