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1.0.0 - beta.1


Qodly Studio

What's New

  • Enhanced properties panel in basic mode: Now displays the color property of the Text component.
  • Improved Image component: Supports the object-fit attribute under the object category in the properties panel.
  • Attribute value reset: Users can now reset the value of an attribute within the Style category to its default value.
  • CSS class protection: Users prevented from overriding Tailwind CSS classes.
  • Tab contextual menu for editor switching.
  • Modal usage for creating items (webform, data class, or method).
  • Responsive webforms editor contextual panel.
  • Shortcut addition: Alt + Shift + Delete to remove a component.
  • Method execution directly from the toolbar of the code editor.
  • Added support for duration format: Simple, Distance, Distance With Suffix, Strict Distance, and Strict Distance With Suffix.
  • Preview button disabled when catalog, shared datasources, and shared CSS classes are not loaded.
  • Limited number of displayed items in Selectbox component to 15 items.
  • Consistency update: Removed % unit in borders in the properties panel to align with CSS specifications.
  • Content update in the editor after switching to its tab.
  • Error display in Sanity check for undefined functions.


  • Updated function call setup: Replace $0 with the result, indicate the result type, and exclude $0 if the function returns nothing.
  • Streamlined CSS class editing: Turn into shared button is hidden while editing the name of a local CSS class.
  • Error indication in the datatable: Columns now display as errored if bound to an invalid datasource.
  • Added icons to contextual menu titles.
  • Truncation of datasource in the properties panel if too long.
  • Loading indication in the debugger tab when a method is running in the background.
  • Improved Model Editor UI and accessibility.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of feedback messages not displaying after executing a function.
  • Fixed the settings tab getting stuck on reload when opened in two different sessions and changing the app settings, then saving the other session settings.
  • Fixed the webForm loader component not functioning correctly after clearing and resetting the value.
  • Fixed the syntax highlighting issue in the code preview.
  • Fixed webform edit button not working when switched to the text editor during preview mode by hiding the switch editor menu.
  • Fixed breakpoints shifting or disappearing when adding a new one in a calculated attribute.
  • Fixed the components list unavailability in the welcome tour.
  • Fixed displaying line numbers and region toggles when opening a webform in the text editor.
  • Fixed calling a function that returns a new entity not working after calling it twice.
  • Fixed webform editor crashing issue.
  • Fixed the inability to remove a datasource.
  • Fixed data not loading in datatable sometimes.
  • Fixed false negatives in sanity check.
  • Fixed incorrect margins on the list of events.
  • Fixed rendering issues of 4 columns in the matrix at a resolution of 1920 1080, and when the resolution shifts to 1920 1080.
  • Fixed the touched flag not persisting on the properties panel.
  • Fixed the debugger issue: taking indentation into consideration when displaying exceptions.
  • Fixed webform editor crashes when reading methods from a non-existing data class.
  • Fixed the creation of a user class overriding the ORDA Data model class with the same name.
  • Fixed the datasource field on function event parameters, which removed characters as we type.
  • Fixed the datatable column width unit changing from % to px.
  • Fixed margin and padding inputs not working as expected.
  • Fixed the datatable expanding infinitely.
  • Fixed changing the position of the label to top or bottom causing the entire component to center.
  • Fixed text input component crashes when the type is date, but the datasource is of type string.
  • Fixed an issue in CSV import where the import button was not correctly displayed.
  • Fixed the select box issue: the stylebox inside does not inherit the height changes when we change the height.
  • Fixed the code preview issue: displaying a blank page when trying to open preview without selecting a function in the context menu.
  • Fixed the contextual menu not hiding after clicking on preview.
  • Fixed the webform being displayed as touched once we open it.
  • Fixed the copy standard action with deep links.
  • Fixed datatable issue: it was impossible to center the header.
  • Fixed a line offset bug in the debugger.
  • Fixed an issue related to null values in dates.