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Development in Qodly is based upon Qodly Studio.

Qodly Studio is a new way of building business web applications. Our vision is to provide developers a 100% web-browser-based experience by allowing them to:

  • create and edit a data model matching your business logic
  • easily map data with ORDA dataclasses
  • design web forms visually by drag and dropping components on a canvas
  • preview pages instantly
  • directly execute QodlyScript code on web events or datasource events
  • code & debug in the browser
  • configure fine-tuned privileges and roles

At the end of the road, developers will be able to build complete web business applications using only a web browser and very few coding. There is no JavaScript involved.


The Qodly Studio supports the following web browsers for development:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • FireFox

The recommended resolution is 1920x1080.


Deployed Qodly applications run on all browsers of the market, with no specific requirements.

Accessing Qodly Studio

As described in the Architecture chapter, access to Qodly Studio is granted to developers once they achieved a sequence of authentication steps to enter the Qodly Console.

You directly open your application instance in Qodly Studio from Development or Staging environments of the Qodly Console. You can:

  • click on the Studio button in the Overview page, or
  • click on the "Studio URL" in the General tab for the open environment.

For more information, see this section.